David Ryan Lompe


As long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of comic books. When I was little I would satisfy that void with the Marvel cartoons of the mid-90’s and would read various comic books as I could get my hands on them. For a large portion of my life, starting in my teen years, my fascination with the art form dwindled to a passing fancy. When I entered college, my love for comics and the heroes within them grew once more. Since graduating college I have been refining my technique and working on applications to comic book publishers so one day I might be able to become a comic book artist.

Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art: 2D Concentration

Studio Internship
Bob Jones Elementary School, Greenville, SC

Artistic Accomplishments
• Designed art for a poster for LUDO’s The Space Dracula Basketball Expo. tour
• Completed the art for a commission on the novel Hannah Sorpat’s Eye
• Earned an honorable mention in the Commencement Art Exhibition and Mid Year Art Exhibition at Bob Jones University
• Displayed many experimental pieces in a Senior Art Exhibition
• Displayed several works in a professional art exhibit in Greenville, SC
• Displayed art in the Missouri State Fair

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  • Illustration
  • printmaking
  • watercolor